quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2010

Golden Leaves...

As a gold mine
My heart is explored
After withdrawing all the riches
Alone again I'm left

Everything is ruined the environment that beats chest
And it causes pain

But I fight to keep me always standing
Even crying
Even suffering

There are trees all around me
Broken trunks
They also cry and feel a huge pain
But do not prostrate
Use their own death to be reborn
Composting what is beneath its branches and its leaves
The fallen tree and smashed
It becomes a source of life for someone else
Returns hope amid tears
Courage and strength

Maws'm not so
I am a Greek poet
Faced with the Neptune's trident and Hades' sword
About to give myself time to cruel despair that plagues my soul
Check out more easily - no marathon
Silly too big - no wisdom
This is me - I always!
*Henry nearly died to write this text... Version Year: April, 21, 1993.

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